ACE: Transitions to New Reports and Data Universes

CSMS #50524702 – Transition to New Reports and Data Universes in ACE Reports on January 20, 2022

Please be advised a transition to upgraded versions of certain data universes in ACE Reports is happening on January 20, 2022. These upgraded data universes all currently have the suffix of “New” in their name to make them easily identifiable. This transition will involve the replacement of the data universes on the left-hand side of the below table with the universes on the right-hand side of the table.

Additionally, the associated tabs and standard reports will also be replaced by their “new” counterparts on January 20, 2022. The Cargo Release tab will be replaced by the Cargo Release New tab, the Entry Summary tab will be replaced by the Entry Summary New tab, the ITRAC tab will be replaced by the ITRAC New tab, and the Reconciliation tab will be replaced by the Reconciliation New tab.

To determine which data universe a saved report is currently using, open it, switch from “Reading” to “Design” mode, and then click on the “Edit Data Provider” button to open the query panel. On the left side of the query panel, the name of the universe is listed above the folders that contain that universe’s data elements.

If the universe name matches a name on the left-hand side below, please follow the steps in the attached guide to “re-point” the report to the corresponding universe on the right-hand side of the table.

Universe to be Retired 
New Data Universe
BondBond New
Cargo ReleaseCargo Release New
Entry SummaryEntry Summary New
ITRAC ExaminationsITRAC Examinations New
ReconciliationReconciliation New

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