C-TPAT: Evaluating your Business Partners

As certified C-TPAT companies, CASAS, Pacific and Hastings are committed to educating all our Business Partners on critical supply chain security issues and practices. This includes our responsibility to evaluate the businesses we work with. This quarterly C-TPAT bulletin covers the breadth of this responsibility.

We recommend members of C-TPAT re-evaluate all their vendors, carriers, freight forwarders and third party logistics providers in order to ensure the implementation and maintenance of security procedures and practices. This should be done at least one time per year.

The re-evaluation should at least include the following security areas:

  • Inspection of all containers and trailers prior to their departure from shipping facility
  • Placement of high security seals on all containers and trailers bound for the United States
  • Storing of loaded and unloaded containers and trailers within the confines of a gated and guarded facility
  • Documentation of departure and arrival of all visitors to facility
  • Issuance of visitor badges
  • Training of employees on identifying and reporting suspicious persons, activities and packages
  • Issuance of employee photo identification badges
  • Pre-employment screening procedures, including the completion of an employment application, reference check and background check
  • Legible, complete and accurate preparation of invoices and cargo manifests
  • Verification of weights, labels, marks and piece count of merchandise prior to loading containers
  • Documentation of shortages, overages and cargo tampering
  • Fencing and/or other access controls to the facility
  • Prohibition of private passenger vehicle parking in or adjacent to cargo handling and storage areas
  • Strict control over the issuance and storage of keys and other access control systems
  • Individual passwords to all employees with computer access

Download the PDF here!


In case of any security incidents, involving your cargo, immediately report to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Please contact us for assistance in reporting an anomaly to CBP.


For questions or comments on any supply chain security issues, please contact: ctpat@casasinternational.com


We strongly recommend you forward and share this information to all your vendors, carriers, freight forwarders, and third party logistics providers involved in the supply chain.


We encourage all business partners and other eligible companies to join C-TPAT or your country’s supply chain security program. For further information on C-TPAT, please click here.


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