CASAS International Operations
During the Coronavirus

Dear Value Casas International Customers,

We are living in unprecedented times and hope that this notice finds you healthy and doing well. 

We have been monitoring the rapidly evolving Coronavirus COVID-19 situation and are prepared to continue business as usual in order to provide you and your team with the support and services needed. You can count on us to continue to do our best in all ways possible while prioritizing the safety of our employees, your service needs, and that of our community.

In an effort to prioritize the safety of our employees while also servicing all of our clients, we have:

  • Increased our building and office sanitizing protocols, adhering to San Diego County’s COVID-19 Disinfection Guidance.
  • Prepared our team to work from home. Key operational staff have laptops, secure VPN connectivity, secure cloud-based data and communications, mobile phones with office rerouting, and all necessary support to provide you with the U.S. Customs clearance of your shipments along with any other brokerage services required. 
  • Reviewed and tested our cybersecurity configurations. Employees working remotely will use our secure VPN to ensure the privacy and protection of your documentation and information.
  • Committed to staying open even if and when the border closes.

We are confident that the measures we have put into place will enable us to continue serving you with the level of support and service expected from our team.

Our sincerest appreciation for your continued loyalty and support.  Stay tuned to operational bulletins as to what news we can share on CBP operations and any other news from vetted and reliable sources. This too shall pass!

Thank you,
Sylvia Casas-Jolliffe
President, LCB
p: 619.710.4619 
c: 619.395.3037

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