FDA ACE Seminar in San Diego

The San Diego Customs Brokers Association is hosting an FDA + ACE Breakfast Buffet Seminar on July 20th, 2017 in San Diego, California. Topics include: ACE and FDA Commodity Specific Information (Medical Devices & Food) Information and Resources for All FDA Regulated Products Send reservations to: sdcbareservations@gmail.com Check out the flyer for details: View in PDF Format  

Reconciliation + Drawback in ACE Deploying July 8 – POSTPONED

UPDATE: Deployment has been delayed until further notice. On June 27, 2017, U.S. CBP released the following CSMS #17-000375: “CBP is rescheduling the last primary deployment of core trade processing capabilities in ACE which had been scheduled for July 8, 2017. This deployment includes liquidation (with the exception of the previously deployed electronic posting of the Notices of Liquidation on.. Read More

2017 Reconciliation Seminar

CASAS International Brokerage Inc. is hosting a Reconciliation Seminar on April 12, 2017 at the San Diego Country Club in San Diego, CA. CASAS will lead the seminar alongside International Trade law and U.S. Customs Compliance experts from the Zisser Group. The seminar will cover topics such as Valuation, Cost Submission, and Reconciliation in ACE and is free to all CASAS +.. Read More

Presentation on Reconciliation in ACE

A few recent highlights from an CBP presentation on Reconciliation in ACE: No more blanket flagging, only entry-by-entry flagging. All importers will be eligible for participation in reconciliation. All new and existing participants must have a valid, active Reconciliation Bond Rider on file in order to participate in the ACE Reconciliation Prototype and flag underlying entry summaries Filers will no.. Read More

ACE Reports Catalog

Per CBP CSMS #16-000941 regarding the ACE Reports Catalog: The ACE Reports team has created its first ACE Reports Catalog to provide a comprehensive inventory of all public “canned” reports currently available in ACE. This reference guide is designed to enhance the understanding of ACE Reports by clearly identifying, categorizing and describing reports available to ACE Reports users in the trade.. Read More