ACE – Mandatory Migration Delayed to 2016

CBP has delayed the mandatory migration dates to ACE for electronic entry and entry summary filing as follows: Nov 1, 2015 Beginning of a transition period for electronic entry and entry summary filings in ACE. Use of ACE is allowed for entry types 01, 03, 11, 51, and 52 with or without PGA data. Feb 28, 2016 At this time, filers will.. Read More

Accessing Export Data via ACE

Per a U.S. Census Bureau announcement made on June 12, 2015, companies registered in ACE will soon be able to retrieve export reports via the ACE Portal. The U.S. Census Bureau has provided the following directions for accessing export data via ACE: Current ACE Import Account Holders: The Trade Account Owner (TAO)—the highest level of access for your company account—can.. Read More