Company History

Our company is one steeped in rich history, with a continuing legacy that spans multiple generations. Daniel B. Hastings, Inc.’s character, which has been formed over nearly 100 years, is one of honesty, integrity, credibility and extraordinary customer service.

Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. Company History

Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. is a licensed U.S. Customs Brokerage and warehousing/distribution firm on the Texas-Mexico border. We have thrived over the years to become the best and most recognized regional broker on the Texas-Mexico border. Our company is one steeped in rich history, with a continuing legacy that spans multiple generations. Daniel B. Hastings, Inc.’s character, which has been formed over nearly 100 years, is one of honesty, integrity, credibility and extraordinary customer service.

1928 – An intrepid pioneer named Jovita Perez became the first Hispanic female in Texas, and likely the nation, to receive a U.S. Customs broker license.

1939 – After more than 10 years of building solid connections and relationships within the Laredo, Texas customs community and various U.S. Customs agencies, Perez decided it was time to commandeer her very own operation. With a $2,000 bank loan, two desks, two phone lines, two typewriters, and nephew Daniel B. Hastings, Sr. at her side, she opened her very own Customs Brokerage company.

1946 – Perez and Hastings, Sr. open a second office in Brownsville, Texas.

1960 – Perez’s U.S. Customs Brokerage company again makes history by becoming the first broker on the Texas border to have an IBM computer for processing entry transactions.

1964 – Through hard work, dedication, and determination, Perez’s stellar reputation and quality operation grew. With business doing better than ever and the demand for superior service in the international trade industry steadily rising, Hastings, Sr. receives his own U.S. Customs brokers license.

1970 – Perez is called to her final resting place, leaving Hastings, Sr. as sole owner and president of the company. Never underestimating the weight and respect the name Jovita Perez held, Hastings Sr. began operating under the name “Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. D.B.A. Jovita Perez.”

1973 – After receiving a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a double minor in mathematics and physics, Hastings Sr.’s son, Daniel B. Hastings, Jr., joined the company.

1974 – The commitment to superior customer service gave way to more success and the Hastings team felt it was time to expand again, opening a third office in Eagle Pass, Texas.

1978 – With five successful years of experience, Hastings, Jr. receives his own U.S. Custom brokers license and is named Vice President of Daniel B. Hastings, Inc.

1990 – With more than 51 years of success in the international trade community, Hastings, Sr. retires, allowing Hastings, Jr. to acquire the company. As the proud owner/president of Daniel B. Hastings, Inc., Hastings, Jr. opens a fourth operation in El Paso, Texas.

1994 – Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. embarks on a fruitful relationship with two other southern border brokers: Pacific Brokerage Inc. from Arizona and CASAS International Brokerage Inc. from California, collectively known as CPH Group.

1996 – Hastings, Jr. continues to provide premiere U.S. Customs services along the Texas-Mexico border and builds a new and equally prominent reputation within the trade community as his ancestors did before him. Under his leadership, and with the help of his committed management team, the company works extensively with its staff to establish and maintain the highest degree of integrity and credibility, work efficiently with U.S. Customs and be competitive within the industry. Always the astute businessman, Hastings, Jr. decides to keep up with the flourishing need for trade and opens a fifth office in McAllen, Texas.

1999 – Having cultivated a prized and respected presence along the Texas-Mexico border, Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. receives approval to operate bonded warehouse facilities.

2000 – In an effort to maintain the highest level of service, Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. acquires a complete information technology network infrastructure overhaul.

2003 – Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. applies for and successfully receives certification as a Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) company. This voluntary government program allows international stakeholders to assist our nation in securing supply chains by maintaining the highest level of security. Additionally, this year marks a milestone in the company’s history when the fourth generation of Hastings joins the company, the eldest of Dan Jr.’s children, Daniel B. Hastings, III.

2008 – Maintaining superior customer service and customized trade solutions, Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. moved both its Laredo, Texas headquarters and the Eagle Pass branch to new state-of-the-art brokerage, warehousing, and distribution facilities. This was another proud year for the company, when the youngest of Dan Jr.’s children, David B. Hastings, officially joins Daniel B. Hastings, Inc.

2013 – Daniel B. Hastings, Jr. passed away suddenly at the young age of 65, leaving Gloria M. Hastings as owner of the company. Dan Jr. built a great organization, ensuring his company was always setting trends, using cutting-edge technology and providing the best in customer service. His participation and contributions to many national, state, and local organizations were numerous and well respected. He instilled, expected, and ensured that Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. succeeded based on honesty and integrity. Daniel B. Hastings, Jr. was a man of great character, a great mentor and teacher, and a very loving man who never knew a stranger.

2014 – Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. celebrates 75 years of superior service in the trade industry. This same year, the third and final child of Daniel B. Hastings, Jr., V. Nicole Hastings, joins the company. As a final victory, Daniel B. Hastings, III and David B. Hastings receive their U.S. customs broker licenses.

Today and Beyond – Today, Daniel B. Hastings, Inc., along with affiliates CASAS International Brokerage and Pacific Brokerage Inc., continues to be one of the largest and most well-renowned U.S. customs brokerages located on the U.S.-Mexico border. Working with thousands of importers and exporters on the border and throughout the globe, the proficiency of Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. is widely recognized and applauded.

Even with its tremendous success, Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. proudly remains a family-owned and -operated business. Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. is interested in maintaining core values of honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic. We understand our success is deeply linked to the success of all our customers and our hard working employees, so we continuously aim to improve and prosper.

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