Company History

For nearly a century, Pacific Brokerage Company has provided unsurpassed U.S. customs brokerage services along the U.S.-Mexico border and nationwide.

Pacific Brokerage Company History

For nearly a century, Pacific Brokerage Company has provided unsurpassed U.S. Customs Brokerage services along the U.S.-Mexico border and nationwide. This family legacy, which began as a modest endeavor in the 20th century, has grown into one of the most reputable and well-established Customs Brokerages and freight forwarding businesses in the U.S.

1918 – Ever the cowboy, James W. Manson, the forefather of Pacific Brokerage Company, emigrated from Reno, Nevada to Cajeme, Sonora, Mexico to join a ranching venture. For the next 10 years, Manson would make Sonora his home.

1928 – Mexico’s historical “agrarian movement” resulted in Manson losing the Cajeme Ranch, an occurrence that motivated him to set his sights on a brighter future for himself and his family. This inspired the Manson family’s move to the border town of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

1929 – Once in Sonora, Manson and his father, Frank, decided to invest in the purchase of Pacific Brokerage Company from Fortunato Mejia, a local businessman. The father-son duo licensed Pacific Brokerage Company as both a Mexican and U.S. Customs Brokerage, marking the beginning of the Manson family legacy within the Customs Brokerage industry.

1931 – The Mansons moved the headquarters of Pacific Brokerage Company to Nogales, Arizona. In the same year, both James and Frank received their U.S. Customs Broker licenses.

1963 – Manson’s son, James F., received his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and joined his father at Pacific Brokerage Company.

1964 – James F. Manson successfully earns his U.S. Customs Broker license, officially making him a third generation U.S. Customs Broker at Pacific Brokerage Company.

1968 – James F. Manson is named the owner/president of Pacific Brokerage Company. Under his leadership, the company sees prosperous growth and success.

1984 – James F. Manson leads Pacific Brokerage into the future with the implementation of the U.S. Customs Automated Broker Interface (ABI), which allows qualified participants to electronically file required import data with Customs. Pacific Brokerage makes history by becoming the first company in Nogales, Arizona to become ABI certified.

1994 – This is a great year for Pacific Brokerage Company, as James F. Manson welcomes his son, James B. Manson, to the company. Additionally, Pacific Brokerage embarks on a powerful relationship with two other border brokers: CASAS International in California and Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. in Texas. This strategic alliance becomes known as CPH Group.

1996 – James B. Manson officially received his U.S. customs brokers license, joining the family legacy as a 4th generation licensed U.S. Customs Broker.

2003 – Pacific Brokerage applies for and receives certification as a C-TPAT company. C-TPAT/Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is a voluntary program created to help secure international supply chains by maintaining the highest level of security. As a participating company, Pacific Brokerage commits to implementing the five most important security criteria: physical security, physical access controls, container security, personnel security, and business partner security. Pacific Brokerage has been re-certified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection three times since its original evaluation.

2007 – Pacific Brokerage applies for and is issued a National Customs Permit. Along with this, Pacific Brokerage is certified for the CBP program Remote Location Filing (RLF) nationwide.

2008 – James B. Manson becomes owner/president of Pacific Brokerage Company and pushes the company to implement even more tech-savvy tools in an effort to provide customers with the best Customs Brokerage and freight forwarding services around.

Today and Beyond – Today, Pacific Brokerage Company, along with its affiliates Casas International and Daniel B. Hastings Inc., continues to be one of the largest and most well-renowned U.S. Customs Brokerages located on the U.S.-Mexico border. Working with thousands of importers and exporters on the border and throughout the globe, Pacific Brokerage Co., Inc. expertise in the industry is widely recognized and applauded.

Even with its tremendous success, Pacific Brokerage Company, proudly remains a family-owned and -operated business. Pacific Brokerage Company understands that our success is deeply linked to the success of our customers and so we continuously aim to continue to improve and prosper!

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