Annual CPH Reconciliation Seminar

Join us on April 12th in San Diego, CA for our annual Reconcilation Seminar. Topics will include cost submission, valuation, and Reconciliation in ACE.

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Expertise and service that quickly get your business where you want it to go.

With more than 190 years of combined experience, the professionals at CPH Group are experts in providing efficient customs brokerage and logistics services along the U.S.-Mexico border and beyond.

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Customs brokerage that takes the guesswork out of border regulations.

CPH Group understands the importance of crafting customs brokerage solutions made to fit your specific business needs. It’s time to work with a customs broker that cares.

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Warehouse and distribution services designed to fit your unique needs.

From storing your goods in C-TPAT-certified warehouses to manipulating your bonded cargo to helping solve your supply chain woes—CPH Group does it all.

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Quality on both sides of the border.

CPH Group has an excellent reputation with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Participating Government Agencies tasked with regulating international trade.

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home page graphicU.S. Customs Broker & International Freight Forwarder

Supporting the ever-changing needs of the international trade community, CPH Group has the in-house expertise necessary to provide solutions for importers and exporters that move their products between the U.S. and Mexico and throughout the globe. With direct connections to Customs and Border Protection as well as other Participating Government Agencies, state-of-the-art tracking systems, and far-reaching partnerships, we are your smart choice.

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Who We Are

CASAS International Brokerage, Pacific Brokerage Company, and Daniel B. Hastings Inc., known collectively as the CPH Group, are Licensed Nationwide U.S. Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, and Warehouse & Distribution Service Providers. Each company is a private, family-owned and operated business. With locations along the entire U.S./Mexico border, CPH Group specializes in customs clearance and logistics services along the border and throughout the United States.


Since 1984, CASAS International Brokerage has built its reputation as a premier provider of customs brokerage services along the U.S.-Mexico border from four locations in California and Mexico.

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Since 1928, Pacific Brokerage Co., Inc. has been serving importers and exporters customs brokerage and warehousing needs from its Arizona location.

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Since 1939, Daniel B. Hastings, Inc. has provided cutting-edge solutions and technology to meet the needs of clients moving products across the U.S.-Mexico border from five Texas locations.

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