Aluminum Import License Requirement Updates

Please be advised that beginning June 29, 2022, U.S. Commerce Department (Commerce) Aluminum Import licensing applications will require both fields of “country of largest smelt” and “country of second largest smelt.” Commerce defines the field for the country of smelt for the largest (and second largest) volume of primary aluminum as the country where the largest volume of new aluminum metal is produced from alumina (refined aluminum oxide) by the electrolytic Hall-Héroult process. Based on public comments in response to the preliminary rule, it was determined that importers/brokers would need time to gather required information for the countries of smelt and a grace period was granted for these fields; importers were permitted to indicate “unknown” for one year upon implementation of the regulations.

Commerce extended the temporary period to allow for license applicants to state “unknown” in the fields for country(ies) of smelt for the largest and second largest volume of primary aluminum until June 28, 2022. Commerce will begin requiring the requested information for these fields for license applications on or after June 29, 2022, meaning that filers may no longer state “unknown” for these fields after that date. For more information, please visit the Aluminum Import Monitoring (AIM) website at: Aluminum ( and the Getting Started with AIM page (including the production process) or contact the aluminum licensing office at

CSMS #51720841
AIM License Application Guide
AIM External Monitor Guide
Aluminum License Form and Requirements

HTS Codes Affected

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