Conducting Effective, Internal Trade Compliance Audits

Auditing is one of Customs and Border Protection’s greatest revenue generators and can be quite a nightmare for an importer without the proper trade compliance procedures in place. With the new era of CBP’s Centers of Excellence and Expertise, we are seeing a heightened emphasis being placed on trade compliance auditing – mainly in the issuing of CBP Forms 28s.. Read More

C-TPAT: Evaluating your Business Partners

As certified C-TPAT companies, CASAS, Pacific and Hastings are committed to educating all our Business Partners on critical supply chain security issues and practices. This includes our responsibility to evaluate the businesses we work with. This quarterly C-TPAT bulletin covers the breadth of this responsibility. We recommend members of C-TPAT re-evaluate all their vendors, carriers, freight forwarders and third party.. Read More

Reconciliation + Drawback in ACE Deploying July 8 – POSTPONED

UPDATE: Deployment has been delayed until further notice. On June 27, 2017, U.S. CBP released the following CSMS #17-000375: “CBP is rescheduling the last primary deployment of core trade processing capabilities in ACE which had been scheduled for July 8, 2017. This deployment includes liquidation (with the exception of the previously deployed electronic posting of the Notices of Liquidation on.. Read More

Carriles FAST serán para las Empresas OEA

De parte de CPH, les compartimos información en relación con el tema de los carriles FAST entre EEUU y Mexico (ya que las reglas cambiaran al fin del año).         Comunicado mas reciente: Esta información se lo pedimos del grupo OEA del Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT) 8 de junio 2017: Le informamos que el uso de carriles.. Read More

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) regulated by FDA

CSMS #17-000330 published on June 6, 2016 provides clarification regarding the regulation of LEDs under the FDA. Per the statement: Reporting to FDA upon importation of radiation-emitting electronic products is required. LED products emit visible optical radiation, which qualifies them to be radiation-emitting electronic products and gives FDA regulatory authority. For more information on this read the below CSMS message.. Read More