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CSMS #50417689 – ACE Portal Modernization Coming Soon

CBP is excited to announce the modernization of the ACE Secure Data Portal (ACE Portal) in several phases over 2022. Initially released in 2003, the ACE Portal is CBP’s free, web-based entry point designed to connect CBP, trade partners, and partner government agencies (PGA). The ACE Portal offers trade users real-time access to trade data through features such as ACE Reports, ACE account management, and electronic communication with CBP and PGAs. The modernization effort will entail the transition of existing functionality to an upgraded platform, offering easier use and better performance.

Phase 1:
Phase 1 will be deployed on January 22, 2022. These enhancements will begin modernization of the ACE Portal, including a new login screen, a new home page, and upgraded account information display and edit features.
Users will have access to the legacy ACE Portal through a link in the modernized ACE Portal. The legacy ACE Portal will be decommissioned once all functionality has been transitioned to the modernized ACE Portal. During this transition period, CBP will continuously synchronize data between both versions.

Future Phases:
Following the successful deployment of Phase 1, CBP will move forward with the transition of additional functionality into the modernized ACE Portal until all features of the legacy ACE Portal become available in the upgraded version. The completion of this effort is planned for January 2023. Additional features to be transitioned include:
•    The complete set of links to other applications, available in the References section
•    Account creation functionality
•    Create/edit functionality for supporting account data
•    Document management features
•    User management/access tools

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